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Want it? Buy it?
But Purchase it Right!

Typically, the Seller of a home pays a commission of 6% which is split between the Seller's agent and the Buyer's agent. Traditional brokerages keep all of their commission. WOW!!!
When ABQ Realty® is your Buyer's agent, we'll share our commission. Making your home less expensive by saving you thousands of dollars.
Both programs offer a Full-Service Licensed Real Estate Agent to assist with the purchase of your next home.


Big Sigh of Relief from
Traditional 6% Brokerage

When selling homes with a traditional brokerage, typically sellers pay the Buyer's agent 3% and Seller's agent 3% for a total of 6% of the sale price. WOW!!!
ABQ Realty® provides Full-Service and saves sellers 2% of the sales price. While you pay the Buyer's agent 3%, your selling cost is only 1%.
There are two options to choose from when you list with ABQ Realty®. What options best suits you?

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